Josh Duhamel Naked - March 29, 2010 by admin1


Whether playing Danny McCoy on the small screen or Major Lennox on the big screen, Josh Duhamel knows how to impress an audience. Judging by this full frontal naked photo shoot, we can see why Fergie married him!

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Naked Vin Diesel - March 15, 2010 by admin1

Vin Diesel Naked

Here’s a candid shot of a very naked Vin Diesel. Looks like his cock backs up his bravado!

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Eric Balfour Naked - March 1, 2010 by admin1


There’s something in Eric Balfour’s DNA that just makes him want to get naked on screen. He’s done a TON of full frontal nude scenes.

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Naked Christopher Meloni Gallery - February 7, 2010 by admin2

We mostly know Christopher Meloni as the straight-talking, blue-collar detective Elliot Stabler on Law & Order SVU, but Chris got his gay on in the HBO series OZ, and showed off his huge cock to boot! I don’t’ think we’ll be seeing that on NBC anytime soon though.

Jesse Spencer Naked - January 7, 2010 by admin1


Jesse Spencer plays Dr. Robert Chase on House M.D. these days but he’s done various full-frontal nude scenes in his past. Get Jesse Spencers naked archive here.

Javier Bardem Full Frontal Naked - November 24, 2009 by admin1


Oscar-winner Javier Bardem got caught full frontal naked in front of the paparazzi. Sweet!

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Justin Kirk Naked - November 6, 2009 by admin1


Justin Kirk plays the guy you love to hate, Andy Botwin, on Showtime’s Weeds. Kirk got full frontal naked, showing off his big cock for such a skinny body, in the flick Flannel Pajamas.

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Omar Epps Naked! - October 24, 2009 by admin1


Omar Epps is currently best known for his role as Dr. Eric Foreman on House M.D. but he SHOULD be known for his giant black cock! Check out these caps from a nude movie scene he did. Mmmmm….

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Marco Dapper Cock Shot - October 20, 2009 by admin1


Marco Dapper hasn’t had many acting gigs in his short career but the almost-xxx rated Eating Out 2 coupled with the wide variety of full frontal nude shots of the actor have made him a gay cult hero.

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NIcholas Gonzalez Full Frontal Nude - October 20, 2009 by admin2


Nicholas Gonzalez is all over the tube these days. He was on the summer series Mental, then jumped over to the CW for the resurrection of Melrose Place and also guest starred on The Forgotten on ABC.

Shemar Moore Full Frontal Pic - October 18, 2009 by admin1


Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore wasn’t real thrilled that the paparazzi caught him full frontal naked at the beach, but his fans certainly were! See the rest of Shemar Moore’s Naked Pics

Daniel Radcliffe Naked and Uncut - October 17, 2009 by admin1


Daniel Radcliffe is best known for playing Harry Potter, but his full-frontal-naked scenes in Equus on Broadway have everyone talking… and looking. Radcliffe has been hiding his thick, uncut cock under those bottle-cap glasses for too long!

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Leonardo DiCaprio Nude Pics - June 1, 2009 by admin2

Leonardo DiCaprio actually sued Playgirl over these candid nude, full-frontal pics. Regardless, we’re glad they found their way to the surface!

Full Frontal Nude Pic of Daniel Craig - May 29, 2009 by admin2

Daniel Craig, full frontal nude shot! Daniel is one of today’s hottest male celebrities and luckily he doesn’t mind showing off his cock now and then as long as it is in the name of good publicity. This nude pic is from Love is a Devil.

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Hugh Jackman Naked! - May 27, 2009 by admin2

Hugh Jackman was voted Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine, and judging by these nude beach pics, I can see why. He’s got talent, charm and a big cock. What more could you ask for from a movie star?

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